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Need to defer the capital gains? If you’re selling a qualified real estate investment, then exchange it for like-kind property. You can exchange into a new market like the highly desirable Midwest.


A popular strategy is to take the capital gain from one investment and upon the sale, take the proceeds and diversify into multiple investments. The result – more revenue streams to cover vacancies.


An overlooked use of the 1031 exchange is the estate planning benefits. An exchange in your portfolio at your time of death can benefit your beneficiaries by passing through the stepped-up tax basis.

Need Help with Taxes on Your Capital Gains?

The IRS is a tough customer. Defer taxes on your capital gains with a 1031 exchange. Get the tax advantages you deserve and use Xchange CRE to defer the common pitfalls that could cost you in the long run.

key markets

Xchange CRE will help you exchange into a diversified portfolio designed to make the most of existing tax advantages. Our consulting and brokerage service was designed specifically for your 1031 exchange-eligible investments to match with pre-screened CRE assets in key Midwest markets. These markets are primed for consistent growth of appreciation and income giving you a diversified portfolio customized to your personal investment objectives, income and growth requirements, and risk tolerance.

You deserve a better way to protect your wealth.

Despite strong sales and price growth fueled by economic stimulus in the past two years, Kansas City real estate remains relatively affordable compared to the rest of the country. While the median home price in the U.S. passed $400,000 for the first time in December 2021, the median Kansas City home price remains a fraction of that at $220,000.

The COVID-induced urban-to-suburban shift benefited many secondary markets like Kansas City in 2020 and will continue to drive growth moving forward. Non-COVID-related factors that compounded the shift included the high cost of urban apartments and shifting demographics with Millennials leading the way by seeking larger housing options in less-dense submarkets as they reached life stages that shifted priorities to starting and raising a family.

Kansas City commercial real estate – especially in the multifamily and industrial sectors – demonstrated its resilience during the pandemic – suffering less in some sectors while exceeding expectations in others relative to the rest of the country.

Kansas City consistently ranks as one of the best places to work, live and do business in the United States – attracting workers and employers from all over. On the U.S. News list of 150 Best Places to Live in 2021-2022, Kansas City jumped 7 spots to No. 56. Reasons for Kansas City’s high ranking included its desirable cost of living and optimal job market as well as a cultural environment that fosters the growth of a creative community.

A 1031 exchange is often viewed as a valuable tax deferral tool, but investors often lose the forest for the trees when it comes to using the 1031 exchange as a growth strategy. While some investors are merely content to meet the deadline for finding a local replacement property within the 45-day deadline for identifying a like-kind property, other investors are implementing strategies to cash out of expensive low-growth markets for more affordable low-cost ones by exchanging out of single properties in – for example – a coastal market into multiple properties in a more affordable, high growth secondary market like Kansas City. Converting one stream of income into multiple streams will not merely defer taxes but accelerate wealth through compounding.

The diversification benefits of exchanging out of one property for multiple properties is obvious. Three or more streams of income are better equipped to weather economic downturns than income from a single property.



Logan Freeman

Logan Freeman started his real estate career as a head of acquisitions for a $50M fund, where he helped them successfully execute over 100 transactions.


Jill Rainey

As a former owner and Broker of a real estate brokerage, Jill brings years of experience and knowledge to help serve our clients along the transaction process to make it as seamless as possible.


Alex Olson

Alex is an established commercial real estate agent who assists buyers in navigating multifamily property investments throughout Kansas and Missouri.



"Access to quality listings"

Alex helped me transition into a larger property via a 1031 exchange. As an out-of-state investor, he was instrumental as an advocate for me, the buyer. I also benefited directly from his deep local connections in the Kansas City metro area; financing, management, etc. I am planning on utilizing Alex again and appreciate their access to quality listings. If you are looking at Kansas City I recommend you get in touch!
Scott Bowles
Real Estate Acquisition Manager at YMR Homes

"Expertise was impressive"

Alex is a true rockstar and someone I am happy to call my real estate coach and guide. He helped us evaluate deals in KS market (we are out of state) and was a partner all along through the transaction process. Two of the deals did not close due to us backing out and he helped us navigate that experience with ease. In our 18 unit deal, we ran into funding issues at the 11th hour, and he was able to quickly get financing lined up in order for us to close on time. I cannot thank him enough and I cannot wait to do more transactions with him in the future.
Rashmi Nigam
Real Estate Investor & Syndicator

"Alex is a true rockstar"

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex a couple of months ago. I was searching for an investor who was well versed in creative financing techniques to acquire investment real estate. Alex came highly recommended for his experience of building an investment portfolio using only creative financing techniques. His willingness to share his knowledge and expertise was impressive and much appreciated. He's also an awesome agent at a great commercial real estate team in KC.
Cody Laughlin
Managing Partner at Blue Oak Capital
“When money realizes that it is in good hands, it wants to stay and multiply in those hands.”

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